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Want to be able to make changes/edit to your website YOURSELF?
No Problem! The OBX Web Designer has you covered.

That's right! No special programs or anything additional needed to buy to make minor changes to your website when you want. You'll never have those issues of trying to get in contact with your web person about making changes to your website that you need done ASAP! The OBX Web Designer gives YOU the control to make text changes to your website, when you want to, directly through your internet browser.

"So lets say it is 3:00am in the morning and you just remembered that you wanted to post a special event or sale. You can simply go to the page on the internet and use the hidden login function OBX Web Designer programmed for you. This gives you the opportunity and control you desire to simply login and make the necessary changes at anytime."

This saves you time & effort from trying to get a hold of the OBX Web Designer & any unnecessary fees that would have incurred. By simply allowing YOU to take control and edit your website when you want to, avoids any of these aggravations!

Websites that actually work for your business
Have your website track data to determine a Cost Effective Advertising Business Plan

How well do you know your target audience? No one is perfect, and we ALL (including myself) would like to think we know exactly who we are marketing towards, but how sure are you? Are you exploring all geographic locations - age demographic - gender specific- cultural demographic areas that can help generate the leads to make the sales your business demands?

We can provide maps of the United States using an Analytics Report of the Geographical locations of the individuals who searched keywords to get to your site.

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The Secret to a Successful Website
When it comes to making your website generate money for
your business. I developed this funnel chart to the right to help illustrate the various levels that are needed to gather ROI or Return on Investment.
Search Engines - Know what is out there on the web and what searches people are using to get to the websites they use. Understanding how they work and what they look for is key to creating the next level of the funnel.
Landing Pages - These are the pages an individual actually clicks on from a search they enter into the search box of a search engine. These pages should be rich in content, saturated with keywords, and visually appealing to be picked up and ranked well in search engines. They should also have a call to action to direct them to the next level ov the funnel.
Contact Form - I mentioned call to action in the funnel level above but did not explain what that means. So many times I see websites that provide information and made it to the landing page because it came up in the search well.... BUT the website didn’t have a form for the interested party. A link to an email is sometimes not the best way. You don’t want your customers guessing what questions to answer and details to provide in an email. It is best to setup a form of some kind to get the ball rolling and makes for a more comfortable experience than just a link to your email.
ROI Return On Investment - This is the part that makes all the other three levels worth it. The data that is gathered from the completed forms makes all the previous steps worthwhile. These are all people who searched on a search engine found your site. Where interested to know more filled out the form and this makes for a Solid mailing list.
Use that information for your ad campaigns. Now you can send out brochures to people you know want to know more about your products and services. This makes for a much better long-term investment for generating sales. This mailing list will grow over time and you can always refer back to it just as you would with past customers for specials you might be running or new services or products your business provides.
Direct Communication with the OBX Web Designer

Did you have your website build through a Web Design Firm? Or one of those mass produced build a website yourself sites? Run into any issues with the customer service or sales rep who sold you on the website where you wish you could just talk to the guy building the site? Not going to happen with the OBX Web Designer because I am the business.

Let us build you a professional website with Design & Development skills to make your business grow!
Fill out the Build A Website Form and get started today!

Quality Design & Development

I put this last not because I think it is the least important. On the contrary I feel it is the most important, but based off my past experience I feel that my skills and design speak for themselves and should not need much justification. After all if you have to explain how something works and it is not intuitive enough for the individuals who visit your site then you failed as a designer.

All the work that I do is of the utmost quality and professionalism and would like to invite you to share in that experience by getting in contact with the OBX Web Designer about the build of your website.